Before contacting us, you may wish to have a look over our FAQs. We will add to these as we develop our technology further.

Do you sell the software as a package?2020-07-17T20:42:04+00:00

Not yet. We are working hard to package the software into a fully functional alpha build to be released soon.

Does it support embedded video?2020-07-17T20:32:55+00:00

Yes. It can either be put directly into the application, or you can stream it from Dropbox, or any cloud drive. We can even have YouTube links.

Does it support presentation clickers?2020-07-17T20:27:20+00:00

Yes. It would not be a PowerPoint replacement. Just plug and play as normal.

Does Pitch4D support webcams?2020-07-17T20:24:19+00:00

Yes. You can use your own webcam. We are also working hard on getting multiple webcam streams automatically hooked up from services such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams. Currently we provide support to capture Zoom feeds through a multi-step process which works great, but requires two monitors.

What features does Pitch4D provide?2020-06-29T01:09:22+00:00

We provide many features; 3D environments, 3D animations, 2D slide animations, triggerable animations triggered when entering and leaving a slide, Power Point conversions and importing, Virtual Reality, additional Augmented Reality with our ScanMeSeeMe WebAR services, 3D slide transitions, webcam input streaming and many more cool interactive features.

These features have been developed because we are bored of boring presentations. Your CAD, products, services, or teachings need 3D and need to be seen in the best light. Choose Pitch4D.

Can we get more streaming credits?2021-03-09T21:04:45+00:00

Yes, of course.  Contact us and we can add credits as needed to your account.

Do you provide copywriting?2020-02-22T16:04:08+00:00

Yes, we can help with the understanding of your content through the creation of your bespoke 3D interactive narrative.

Our director Dr. David Tully has been lecturing at a prestigious University for many years. The limitations of current presentation software led him to create Pitch4D – a new dimension in presentation design.

Does it require a high spec pc or laptop?2020-06-29T01:09:44+00:00

No …. and yes, depending on your requirements.

If you wish to run your bespoke presentation on your own machine, laptop or pc, then you may need specialist hardware to run the high quality visual 3D scenes.

We provide credits to our online streaming services to allow you to stream your interactive Pitch4D presentation to any device, with an internet connection.

Log in using Citrix receiver to get 60 frames a second, Windows and Apple (sorry, no mobiles for this just yet).

Or log-in by web browser on any device to stream the video feed of the remote machine.


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